a bunch of creatures

artistically chewing the world

invite you to dive in a subversive playing space

turning the known upside down - it might be a performance

not theater, not dance, but definitely a massive and deep experience
Actual project

Started in May 2017 @ Eden studio, Berlin

An immersive, mesmeric, passionate performance journey into the sea.

We welcome you onto the shore, into our boat, to the inside of a whale, onto the bottom of the sea...
What happens when humanity encounters something bigger than itself ? Can we control it ? Gleams of immensity, whales, petrol, borders. A mirror of human passions and fears.

A site-specific performance involving installations, promenade, music & theatre. Through a non-linear narrative, we dive in a moving experience.
Past creations

@ Bethanien kunstquartier, Berlin / Oct. 2017

The journey of a young girl travelling from her own dystopic reality into a magical fantasy world to confront her own greatest demons.

A 3 hour epic site-specific looping performance with original music, poetry, installation and audience interaction.

The storyline follows the archetypal, mythological descent into the Underworld. The structure of a mythical journey as the foundations of commentary on our current society.
As globalization reinvents slavery and the private life becomes as unbearable as the geopolitical situation, we follow the dreams of a child. This piece opens global topics through the point of view of a working girl. Her dreams process her unbearable reality, turning it into a colourful but terrible imaginary world.

The piece is a 45 minute loop starting again and again, without break, in four different connected rooms. Breaking the linearity in the space and the time, this performance is an invitation for the audience to experiment with their own journey. Each one can enter and exit the spaces at will - free to interact and stay as long or short as they wish.

@ Artistania, Berlin / February 2017
@ Eden studio, Berlin / March 2017

I am Chaos. I am the substance from which your artists and scientists build rhythms. I am the spirit with which your children and clowns laugh in happy anarchy. I am chaos. I am alive, and tell you that you are free.

An eclectic performances series including clown theatre, movement, music, performance art and installation. In 3 acts.
@ Eden studios, Berlin / March 2017

Michel Azama's haunting text about life, death, division, war and loss, told by a cast of unruly spirits.

A theatrically free interpretation of Crossfire, creating a surprising and harmonic patchwork of theatrical styles. Film, tragedy, clown, chorus work, dance and music are brought together by a crew of comedians on a "naked" stage: no backstage, just two lines of chairs, a few props and the light and sound tables. When the audience enter, the performers are already there, playing. Throughout the piece all changes are visible and the technique is not hidden but done by the interpreters never leaving the stage. At the very end there is no stage, just space.

Who are we
7 (over) sensitive creators, dreamers and makers
Eva Fischer
Chiuzo Hayz
Laura Kreitmann
Siri Maj Knutsen
Daniel Paiva de Miranda
Laura Stefanidis
Eleanor Westbrook
Eva Fischer (Switzerland) is a performer, musician and actor who loves to create with spicy mixtures. She collected ingredients amongst others in circus school of Geneva, theater school Lassaad, music conservatory of Lausanne, and inspirations along her way throughout the world, cycling two years through 3 continents or today around the corner. As a comedian she worked with the company Le Théâtre Spiral in Geneva, in different street theater companies for festivals in Switzerland, France and Slovenia. As an accordionist she plays and composes music for groups and shows.


Chiuzo Hayz, (Brazil) born in Rio, is an actor, visual artist and writer. Has a BA in Arts with specialization in Literature by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and a post grad in Physical Theater by London Internation School of Performing Arts. In Brazil, studied acting at O Tablado, cinema with director Tizuka Yamasaki and the actor's coach Maria Pia Scognamiglio; in Spain at Taller de Artes Escénicas de Donostia, where integrated the Sei Hiru Group. Is about to release his first novella. Is highly interested on images, materials, identity and the other as themes.
Laura Kreitmann, born in Mediterranean, is an actress, mask, object theater, installation, performer and dancer. She studied theatre and physiotherapy in Spain, Universidad de Valencia, and specialised in physical theatre in Ecole International de Theatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris and in devising and creative process in LISPA in Berlin.


Siri Maj V. Knutsen (Denmark) is a movement based performer who trained contemporary dance and performance art at Performers House, DK, and Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance, UK, London. Siri has worked with several international dance choreographers such as Andreas Elia Constantinou, Marie-Gabrielle Rotie, Dagmara Bilon, Marie Goeminne and shown work in Denmark, Germany, Holland and England.
Daniel Paiva de Miranda (Brazil), born in Rome/Italy and grew up in Brazil. Perfomer and stage director. Made his training at Jacques Lecoq international school of theatre/Paris and LISPA/Berlin. Since 2007 works as technician and performer at the company Slava's Snowshow directed by Slava Polunin, he has performed at different worlds capitals, Paris, Berlin, Athens, Moscow, London, Rio de Janeiro.


Laura Stefanidis (Greece/Germany), born in Athens, collects her main inspirations in Circus, Dance, Puppetry and Physical Theater. She completed a formation in the basic pedagogy of Social Circus at JOJO, Center for Theatre and Artistic in Hamburg. What follows is a professional formation in physical theater at the International School Jacques Lecoq in Paris and at LISPA, International School of Performing Arts in Berlin, where she met the Nocturnal Creatures.
Eleanor Westbrook (UK) is an actor musician and theatre-maker, who has devised and performed with Belarus Free Theatre (UK & Belarus), Kneehigh Theatre (UK) and The Living Theatre (New York). She studied Music & Theatre at the University of Manchester, and Advanced Devising Practice at LISPA (Berlin) and is exploring her own voice as a creator. She is also a classically trained vocalist and plays accordion and saxophone.

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